Cashless China

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WeChat Pay and AliPay in China nowadays are very commonly use in daily expenses such as meals, groceries, tickets, and almost everything from RMB 1 to any amount.

China has come to the first cashless country which successfully implemented to all citizens and merchant with zero charges since 2015 with WeChat Pay and AliPay.

If you are planning to travel to China, make sure you have balance in your WeChat or AliPay!

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Why you really need to top-up before travel
Less cash, less worry

Why bring so much cash on hand? Lock your cash on your smart-phone.

Scan and Pay

Available almost every walking streets, food-stalls, kiosks, taxi, hotel and more.

Buy Ticket via CTrip

Book flight, train, bus, hotel, ground-tours, drivers and more with Ctrip.

Skip Queue

Most fast-foods chain in China nowadays implemented mobile / kiosks order. Eg, KFC and McDonalds.

No Charges - FOC

Make payment with WeChat Pay and AliPay are totally Free Of Charge!

Transfer Money to other

You can transfer your balance to other or send AngPow anytime you wish.


Travel like local, Pay like local

Top-Up Now

Smart choice. Top-up now and travel like local!

Lite Traveller

MYR 300 ~RMB450+
  • Walking Streets
  • Groceries
  • Foods
  • Didi
  • Mobike (Deposit RMB299)

Smart Traveller

MYR 1000 ~RMB1,500+
  • Walking Streets
  • Groceries
  • Foods
  • Didi
  • Mobike (Deposit RMB299)
  • CTrip - Attraction Tickets
  • CTrip - Ground Tours

Heavy Traveller

MYR 3,000 ~RMB4,500+
  • Walking Streets
  • Groceries
  • Foods
  • Didi
  • Mobike (Deposit RMB299)
  • CTrip - Attraction Tickets
  • CTrip - Hotel
  • CTrip - Air / Train / Bus Ticket
  • CTrip - Ground Tours


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  • You must have WeChat account
  • Register at
  • Select Top-up amount
  • Proceed to bank-in / transfer to us with instruction given
  • Send us your receipt for verification
  • Wait 1-3 working days
  • We will transfer to your WeChat wallet
  • You must be our user
  • You must top-up with us before
  • You must provide valid banking details to us
  • You are not allow to withdraw more than the amount your last top-up with us
  • Enter Withdrawal amount
  • We will transfer to you after verification
  • Send us your receipt for verification
  • Wait 3-7 working days

We charge 10% on MYR amount per transaction regardless top-up or withdrawal.

We follow for exchange rate of MYR ~ RMB / RMB ~ MYR which (+/-) roughly at 0.07 on the day we transfer and not on your application date.

Our charges are reasonable to cover our web and operation cost which we mean not to earn a big bucks. Therefore, no negotiation or argument on charges will be entertains.

Our operation are mostly manual and not automated. Please be considerable on the time taken and make your request as early possible before your trip begin.

Coming Soon.
WeChat Wallet will be available once your account have credit.

It's simple as ABC. Most merchant will have a ready QR code for you to scan. After scan, pay with your credit, show your phone to the merchant or the merchant will receive notification. Collect your item :)

Some merchant will let you scan their handphone, for example drivers, taxi or anyone you try to trade with them. Scan, pay and collect your item :)

Yes. All payment made with WeChat Pay and AliPay are totally free of charge.
Yes. Defnitely needed as all payment made via internet.


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